Cynthia Iglesias
Jedaiah was absolutely heaven sent! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and understands fully what service to the customer entails. He surpassed my expectations & greatly appreciated his prompt attention to our needs. Communication was outstanding as well, thank you for following up & ensuring that everything was 100%. Thanks Jedaiah :) Greatly appreciate the services you provided.
Shaun Beede
Shelby Smith
Jedaiah was very quick and kept me informed!
Joshua Johnson
Very nice and very thorough. Definitely recommend!
Carl Kidd
Awesome We will definitely recommend Jedaiah We appreciate it so much Thank you Jedaiah Doreen and Carl Kidd
Rachel Bandoo
First off, my husband and I were buying our home entirely remote. With the help of trusted, experienced friends, a realtor we knew was on our side, as well as, an outstanding home inspector, we decided on our home. Of the 4 home owners I know, they each had a mediocre or negative experience with their home inspectors. After shopping around skeptical, I found Abroad Home Solutions, Jedaiah McMorrough, through Angi list. After speaking with Jedaiah over the phone I was optimistic that my experience would be great. My gut was correct. Abroad Home Solutions went above and beyond for us. For anyone purchasing a home or needing any sort of inspection for their home, I will always recommend Jedaiah. He was extremely thorough, professional, transparent, and he offered the absolute best price compared to the other guys. He is a quality home inspector and made us feel like we were a priority and not just another job. THANK YOU again!